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In Zukunft volatil: Strompreise in Europa

19 Jun 2024
Die vergangenen beiden Jahre waren durch sehr starke Schwankungen der Strompreise in Europa gekennzeichnet. Verantwortlich dafür war nicht nur der durch den Ukraine-Krieg ausgelöste Erdgas-Schock, sondern auch der zunehmende Anteil regenerativer Energien. In Zukunft dürften sich die Volatilitäten noch deutlich erhöhen.


EuroPUR Conference in Istanbul, Türkiye 2024

17 Jun 2024
Thorsten Leupold and Helmut Weldle from Schlegel und Partner - Your Market Insighters® attended the annual EuroPUR Conference in Istanbul, Türkiye 2024, the main gathering of the European Polyurethane industry.


Vertical Farming in the Middle East: A Growing Solution for a Challenging Climate

06 Jun 2024

The Middle East is known for its arid climate, where agriculture often faces the harsh realities of limited water resources and extreme temperatures. However, amidst these challenges, a prominent agricultural technology is taking root: vertical farming. So now, the questions is: could this innovative approach defy the desert's limitations?


Megatrends: powerful insights for corporate strategies

31 May 2024

Megatrends often force entire industries to realign their business models, technology fields and processes. Working with megatrends is therefore an indispensable tool for strategic planning.


SuP global review of market opportunities and barriers in micro mobility

22 Apr 2024

Schlegel und Partner took a close look at the global development of micro mobility and identified some interesting aspects.
But which vehicles fall into this category? The simple answer is that there is no universal definition for this term.


Renewable Energy: Big Future for Tiny Pellets?

20 Mar 2024
Heating with wood pellets has become increasingly prominent in recent years due to cost-effectiveness, the availability of funding programs, and its image as a climate-friendly energy source. What is next for the mighty pellet?


Schlegel und Partner bei der Eröffnung der Sonderausstellung „ALL.TÄGLICH!“ in Speyer

19 Mar 2024
Vergangenen Donnerstag wurde im Technik Museum Speyer die INNOspace Ausstellung „ALL.TÄGLICH!“ feierlich eröffnet.
In Zusammenarbeit mit der Deutschen Raumfahrtagentur im DLR wird die Sonderausstellung präsentiert.


Interesting days at JEC in Paris

14 Mar 2024
JEC in Paris is the leading global event for composites: insightful exchange on latest developments and trends, conferences and live demonstrations.

Sustainability is a major topic, but what is it worth to us?


Automotive industry under pressure - Top 10 questions that automotive suppliers (should) ask

13 Mar 2024
The situation in the European automotive industry is challenging. Difficult economic times meet the industry transformation. In particular, suppliers are facing important decisions in order to shape their business for success. We take a look at possible fields of action and the most urgent questions in the market, as we at Schlegel und Partner are currently experiencing them.


Schlegel und Partner im Verband für alternative Proteinquellen

13 Mar 2024
Schlegel und Partner ist jetzt Mitglied bei der BalPro, dem „Verband für alternative Proteinquellen“.


It’s Tea Time: High demand for biodegradable single-use tea bags

23 Feb 2024
Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world, after water. In Europe, 75% of all tea is sold in single-use tea bags. The increasing awareness of the damage tea bags cause to the environment and the human body has boosted the demand for less harmful solutions.


Schlegel und Partner GmbH is once more an award-winning employer

29 Jan 2024

As an international consultancy with over 50 employees from 19 nations, SuP can continue to strengthen its role as a top employer. Both FOCUS Business and kununu have awarded SuP with an ongoing history of awards!


Reusing e-powertrain components beyond the Automotive realm

23 Jan 2024
Can e-powertrain components (with the exception of the battery) find a new life beyond the confines of the automotive industry? At SuP, we recently delved into this intriguing question.


Schlegel und Partner GmbH ist wieder Partner-Unternehmen 2024

22 Jan 2024

Mit 13.000 Euro unterstützt das Unternehmen und das Team mit persönlichen Spenden in diesem Jahr die weltweite medizinische Nothilfe der Organisation.


Is Investing in Aluminum Recycling for the US Automotive Sector a Strategic Move Now?

16 Nov 2023
While aluminum recycling gains momentum in the US, Europe remains the leader.


Electrify the „bus world“

26 Oct 2023
While the EU is currently discussing the CO2 targets for heavy duty commercial vehicles and the date for phasing out internal combustion engines for city buses (probably 2035, not 2030), the exhibitors at busworld 2023 in Brussels presented a whole range of solutions on the way to emission-free public transport and bus travel.


Schlegel und Partner continues to take responsibility for its carbon footprint

19 Oct 2023

Together with ClimatePartner, we stand for transparency of our carbon footprint, development of strategies and measures to avoid and reduce emissions, and the financing of certified climate projects.


Vertical farming: approaching the future of agriculture

12 Oct 2023
Vertical farming is revolutionizing the way we grow and access fresh food. The implications for sustainability are profound. By reducing land use, lowering emissions, and promoting local produce, vertical farming contributes significantly to a more environmentally friendly and resilient food system.


What are the big trends and future challenges in the Food & Beverage industry

12 Oct 2023

SuP attends the leading global F&B trade fair Anuga combined with the new format conference Anuga HORIZON. Interesting insights and food for thoughts to support the industry on future topics. From October 7, to October 11, 2023 one of the leading food and beverage trade fairs took part in Cologne. In total more than 140,000 visitors attends this event with more than 7,000 exhibitors.


The European circular economy: challenges and opportunities for the construction sector

11 Oct 2023
In its quest for long-term sustainable growth, the EU is focused on building up a circular economy – but what lies in store for the bloc’s construction industry?


Market entry strategies for digital tools in agriculture

08 Oct 2023
Did you know that in agriculture nowadays not only plants but also data grow on a large scale? After all, modern agriculture is a high-tech business in which digital models play a particularly important role. For the success of such programs, a well planned market access strategy adapted to the specific situation is of high importance. In particular, achievable prices and expectations of potential customers must be evaluated.


Aus der Welt für die Welt

26 Sep 2023
Tor Leander hat sein Praktikum bei uns als international marketinsighter sehr erfolgreich absolviert.


Internship at Schlegel und Partner

12 Sep 2023
In a short video clip, current Schlegel und Partner interns share insights about the company and their experiences during their internship.


Sustainability @ SuP

04 Sep 2023
Sustainability has always been an important value for Schlegel und Partner. In a video contribution, Dierk Plümer and Thorsten Böhn report how the CO² footprint was transparently and steadily further reduced and what the next steps are that Schlegel und Partner will pursue.


Fire prevention: the golden rule for the development of the right roofing material

27 Jul 2023

Hot, dry summers like the one in Germany right now always spark the fear of fire igniting in and around buildings. Fire prevention and the spread of fire thus play a crucial role in the development of the right materials for different types of roofing structures.


Future of marine fuel: green ammonia and / or green methanol?

13 Jul 2023
Globally, shipping is responsible for emitting an amount of greenhouse gases equivalent to about one billion tons of carbon dioxide, or 2.89% of total man-made greenhouse gas emissions, as of 2018. It also accounts for about 15% of global nitrogen oxide emissions and 13% of sulfur dioxide emissions. This trend is still rising. With the aim of reducing carbon emissions and mitigating the effects of climate change, the shipping industry is currently exploring two options for future marine fuels: green ammonia and green methanol.


The European energy crisis: have we weathered the storm?

28 Jun 2023

Over a year has passed since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine threw the world’s energy markets into disarray. Since then, prices have come back down with astounding speed. Now the question is: what can Europe expect for the winter of 2023/2024?


Revival of glass as a sustainable packaging material for food

22 Jun 2023
For many years, the consumption of glass as a packaging material for food and for beverages stagnated or even decreased in many regions of the world. Glass was increasingly substituted by more lightweight materials, such as flexible plastic packaging


Starkes SuP Team – großer Erfolg

14 Jun 2023
SuP holt Platz 2 mit TOR LEANDER beim BASF Firmencup 2023


Key elements for implementing digital B2B customer interaction

13 Jun 2023
The success of digital transformation of marketing and sales, like any other form of organizational change, relies on the foundation of careful planning and a precise strategy. Three key elements need careful consideration when setting up solutions for digital B2B customer interaction: organizational embedding, choice of technology, and customer centricity – aiming for a suitable use case.


Is China still a viable location for business growth?

17 May 2023

Despite ongoing discussions about decoupling tendencies, leading German companies are still increasing their investments in China. This leads us to the question: What are market opportunities in China, where can business thrive in the upcoming years?


Battery cells: Is the round cell on the rise?

04 May 2023
Schlegel und Partner shares insights on battery cell types and explains why the round cell is predicted to gain higher shares in the future.


Europe sets out delegated acts to define ‘green hydrogen’

26 Apr 2023
For the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, using, among others, RFNBOs (Renewable Fuels of Non-Biological Origin), the targets are set by The Renewable Energy Directive (RED). RFNBOs are synthetic fuels that are produced from renewable electricity with hydrogen as a relevant example.


Options for food production in challenging regions

26 Apr 2023
Schlegel und Partner explains the potential of bioreactors for food production, especially in challenging regions.


Driving dynamics: BEV powertrains make a difference

20 Apr 2023
Often we reduce shift from internal combustion engine (ICE) powered vehicles towards battery electric vehicles (BEV) to range, charging power and time. But there is more than these apparent aspects.
Depending on BEV powertrain architecture, propulsion dynamics can be designed to be much simpler and more sensitive than those of fuel-powered vehicles. Why?


Road ahead for e-mobility requires advanced plastic material for automotive industry

19 Apr 2023
The objectives of better performance and increased efficiencies for electric vehicles is driving the adoption of advanced plastics by BEVs industry. Any qualifying advanced plastic material is mainly assessed by its properties including flame retardancy, electrical isolation, cooling properties and thermal conductivity. These materials are also required to meet the relevant IEC standards.


Turning garbage into gold

17 Apr 2023
Schlegel und Partner explains the current status-quo and untapped potentials of waste as raw material.


Bioreactors: Revolutionizing Food Production in GCC region

05 Apr 2023
The GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) is a region, comprising the seven states Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait, that faces unique challenges when it comes to food production. With a rapidly growing population, scarce water resources, and a harsh climate, traditional agriculture is often limited. However, in recent years, bioreactors have emerged as a promising technology for producing healthy food options in the region.


Deutsche Biotechnologietage – innovations in biotech

30 Mar 2023
At the Deutsche Biotechnologietage (DBT) hosted in Wiesbaden from 28.03. to 29.03.2023, European as well as globally active players of the biotech industry met to exchange information about the current situation of the industry and latest innovations.

In this context Schlegel und Partner gained insights into the current state of biotechnology and important future strategic moves. The keywords of the future are digitalization, a miniaturization of research, circularity and personalization of medical treatments such as cancer therapies.


New standards: E-volution for future lubricants in e-mobility

22 Mar 2023

With the rise of hybrid and electric vehicles, the automotive industry is currently witnessing a profound shift in terms of e-lubricants technology. The BEV industry needs to develop its own standards for lubricants.


Seizing the untapped potential of waste

16 Mar 2023
The reliability of value chains is one of the key issues of our modern economy. To guarantee competitiveness with alternative raw materials, it is important to ensure the development of new supply channels. It is time to turn garbage to gold.


Activities and opportunities in Green Ammonia

13 Mar 2023
Schlegel und Partner shares insights on the role of Green Ammonia, indicating current developments, plans and activities for scaling the business.


Green Ammonia opportunities: Pathway to carbon neutrality

08 Mar 2023
“Green ammonia” is a term increasingly resonating in the energy industry, mainly driven by the global efforts to reduce carbon emissions over the coming decades. Whereas 1 ton of conventional ammonia emits 2 tons of CO2, production of green ammonia would see it produced from renewable energy sources, emitting zero carbon.


Smart farming on the rise

22 Feb 2023

In this decade, smart farming technologies are expected to be the most important drivers of agricultural production.

Supplying the world's growing population with food is one of the key challenges of the 21st century, especially in view of climate change. New technological advances in agriculture, so-called smart farming, represent a major opportunity to make optimum use of available resources and thus ensure global food security.


Social Responsibility 2023

25 Jan 2023

Schlegel und Partner ist wieder Partner-Unternehmen 2023 von ÄRZTE OHNE GRENZEN e.V.


B2B mobile apps – relevant for future customer interaction?

18 Jan 2023
In a more recent study, Schlegel und Partner discussed possibilities and limits of using mobile apps for supplier-customer interaction in industrial B2B settings. Some advocates suggested that there are potentially thousands of reasons to utilize this channel, from attracting new customers to making existing products more attractive. However, when looking for actual use cases in an industrial context, there are good reasons to keep a more sober, realistic attitude towards opportunities and expectations.


Controlled environment agriculture – New markets for high-tech greenhouses

11 Jan 2023
Changing climatic conditions with increasingly frequent extreme weather events pose major problems for food production. However, agriculture is not only affected by climate change due to increasingly fluctuating yields, but is also an active driver of climate change due to methane and nitrous oxide emissions and the use of mineral fertilizers. Controlled environment agriculture could be a tool to address these two problems simultaneously in the future. For this reason, strong growth of this market can be assumed in particular for high-tech greenhouses.


Schlegel und Partner expertise in demand at the Food Ingredients (FI) Europe in Paris

15 Dec 2022
FI Sustainability Hub - How to drive smarter business decisions?
At this year’s FI Europe, a new Sustainability Hub offered a robust conference programming. Sustainability is on everyone’s mind in the broader food and beverage industry. Reliable and correct data gathering is essential do drive smart business decisions in the future.


Cultured protein and fat – the next big thing?

13 Dec 2022

The production of animal proteins and fats from stem cells, known as cultured protein and fat, represents an opportunity to address the challenges of resource-intensive livestock farming and the increasing global demand for animal-based food. However, production scalability, process efficiency and texture need to be improved to realize its potential in the future. In addition, country-specific regulatory requirements should be considered.