Market exploration and market volume

Anticipating trends and shaping markets

Forward-looking for your business success
What opportunities do you have with new products / services in already served markets? How can you be successful with your existing portfolio in new / (previously) unknown markets?

Which markets offer growth potential? Which product modifications are recommendable?

How are technologies and customer requirements changing?

We support you in the decision-making process and give valid answers to your questions.

Case studies

Market opportunities for an innovative material for 3D printing
  • A manufacturer of plastics asked for an analysis of long-term opportunities and risks caused by 3D printing technologies.
  • Opportunities in 3D printing are given by the introduction of an innovative material with advantages in terms of processability and cycle time.
  • Risks arise from the substitution of traditional / conventional / well-established plastic processing technologies.
  • The forecast of market development by quantity, material and application became the basis for development and production planning.
The market for industrial filtration plants in China
  • A manufacturer of filter systems for exhaust air purification was planning to enter the Chinese market.
  • SuP analyzed the legal situation and its impacts on operation and construction of industrial plants.
  • The current and future demand in value and units as well as the success factors for the market entry of a European supplier were identified.

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