Schlegel und Partner expertise in demand at the Food Ingredients (FI) Europe in Paris

Schlegel und Partner expertise in demand at the Food Ingredients (FI) Europe in Paris
FI Sustainability Hub - How to drive smarter business decisions?
At this year’s FI Europe, a new Sustainability Hub offered a robust conference programming. Sustainability is on everyone’s mind in the broader food and beverage industry. Reliable and correct data gathering is essential do drive smart business decisions in the future.
FI Europe co-located with the HI (health ingredients) Europe returned to France this year from December 6-8, 2022. The event brings together more than 1,200 exhibitors, ranging from leading ingredients supplier through to highly specialized newcomers. Schlegel und Partner joined the in-person show as well as the online event to learn more about latest innovations, alternative product solutions and novel technologies.

On day 2 of the in-person event in Paris, Schlegel und Partner participates at an expert panel discussion to share latest B2B insights of the agribusiness value chain.
Agribusinesses along the F&B value chain have some tough sustainability targets to meet, particularly in the complex area of the many indirect emissions like crop cultivation, animal protein production, fertilizers and pesticides – scope 3 issues.
Scope 3 emissions (upstream as well as downstream emissions e.g. from agriculture) can account for 90-95% of a food manufacturer’s emissions. The industry which has ambitious carbon reduction targets is struggling how to receive accurate and reliable data. The heterogeneity at each individual farmer, their cultivation methods, the farm equipment, the housing systems etc. raise the power of complexity. Collecting and reporting data can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. Therefore, digital solutions and smart farming, together with close collaborations with various players along the value chain will further gain relevance in the next years.

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