Megatrends: powerful insights for corporate strategies

Megatrends: powerful insights for corporate strategies

Megatrends often force entire industries to realign their business models, technology fields and processes. Working with megatrends is therefore an indispensable tool for strategic planning.
In a very dynamic world, it is very important to consider all the changes that are constantly shaping the world. As companies cannot react entirely flexibly to changes – they are also subject to path dependencies – it is important to recognize these changes as early as possible, which are likely to change technologies and businesses fundamentally. These fundamental, long-term changes are also referred to as megatrends.

Megatrends are avalanches or tsunamis in slow motion: they can move very slowly, at an almost invisible pace, but they are enormously powerful, with the strengths to reshape, destroy and create space for the completely new.

They influence whole societies, individuals and entire industries to realign their perception, structures, business models, processes, offerings and communication. Therefore, working with megatrends is an indispensable tool for corporate management, strategic planning, HR, and R&D.
Schlegel und Partner has more than 20 years of experience in working together with its clients on the impact of megatrends and deriving key implications for their businesses, such as:
  • Providing “food for thought” and inspiration
  • Generating a common understanding of megatrends
  • Facilitating the focus on developments that really matter
  • Giving guidance for product designs, service concepts and business models
  • Aligning corporate strategies for profitable, sustainable growth

From our experience, we know that the hardest part of working with megatrends is to break down their implications on companies, business models, products and services, so we have developed a powerful set of tools.

They facilitate the alignment of businesses and strategies towards megatrends and include e.g. publishing of key megatrends on company-wide online platforms, megatrend reports, deep-dives, workshops, articles, presentations, key note speeches, webinars, benchmark and best practice analyses.

In collaboration with our customers, we do not only bring in the multiple years of industry experience from our consultants, but we also take advantage from our regular interviews with global megatrend experts and key market players.

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